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  • Are doulas the same as midwives?

    No, they are not. Midwives are care providers. They can do everything an OB/GYN can do, except perform surgery. A doula is not affiliated with hospitals. They are hired by your family and are there for YOU. Doulas are non-medical. We do not physically intervene in the labor process, give medical advice, or make medical decisions for you. We are there to inform, support, and give you the tools you may need to make the right choice for you and you family.
  • What about cesarean births?

    Yes! We are trained in ALL types of birth. We can assist and help you emotionally (along with your partner) before and after the birth of the baby. If your hospital allows, and you wish to have us there, we would be glad to be in the OR with you. We can help you get settled and try to make those first few moments a little easier.
  • My sister will be in the room. Isn't that like having a doula?

    Well, in short, not quite. It is different than having a doula. Having any type of support surrounding this monumental event is wonderful. Having someone who cares as much as family comforts us, which is why we have them in the room. The difference is, having family and friends "doula" you can become difficult. They are obviously excited and emotionally invested in you and the baby. Having a doula at your side, who is unbiased, can really help in times of difficulty. Your doula will be there with a clear head, helping you to navigate through this time.


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